medium_2575008703I am finally getting back to training! It’s been two week since the last time I either, ran, biked, or swam and I am so ready to get back out there.

At the beginning of last week I went to the doctor found out I had an infection in my bladder, kidney, and prostate. He put me on some antibiotics, the first round didn’t do anything for me. So then he put me on a stronger antibiotic Friday and finally some breakthrough. The infection is not completely gone yet but almost. I don’t have the pain in my back anymore so praise God!

Now let me talk about determination. It’s something at the beginning of this I relied on and during the week I thought about. I was so determined to do a triathlon, I was determined to train everyday, I was determined to eat right and lose some extra weight. Then I got sick and I was determined to get healed and get back to training.

I struggled again this week missing all the training. They say your muscles begin to atrophy after 48 hours of non use. And there I was stuck on the couch processing that. With everyday that went by I was losing any progress I made. Even though I have just recently begun the training for a triathlon I still ran all the time and cycled. And this was the longest I have went without any kind of exercise.

But as I thought about what I was losing something inside of me was getting more focused, more DETERMINED, more driven.

When you think of a professional athlete, you will sometimes say things like; well they are naturally talented, or they got to where they are because of who they know that’s why they are successful. Can that be said about some of them? Sure, but I don’t believe that’s

true for most. Something inside of them just made them more determined to succeed than others. They didn’t except the reality that was around them.

English: Team Hoyt at half way point of 2008 B...

English: Team Hoyt at half way point of 2008 Boston Marathon in Wellesley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever heard of Team Hoyt? Here’s a story where a man was determined to do something for his son that most would say they couldn’t do. But Dick Hoyt was determined. In 1977 Dicks son Rick (which was in a wheelchair and was a quadriplegic with cerebral palsy) looked up to his dad and asked if they could run a 5 mile race. We

ll instead of saying no to his son, he said yes. They finished that 5 mile race, and Rick told his Dad  after it was over “Dad, when I’m running, it feels like I’m not handicapped.” What came after that 5 mile run? Well 1,000 more competitions which some of them were full Ironmans.

Look what Dick’s determination did for his son!

Read there story here:

Now I am not saying what I went through is anything that significant. What I am saying is when you set a goal and are determined to accomplish that goal life is going to throw a kink into that plan, and try to deter you from reaching for something that the world would say you can’t do. At that point you have a choice, either accept that as truth, or let it feed your determination more and realize that what you are doing must truly be worth it or it would be easier.

I have said it before but I will say it again, I am on this journey to learn about myself, to really look at who I am, and what (through Chirst) I can accomplish with this precious life God has given me.

I have also learned to appreciate everyday I have with the health that I have, because it can all be taken away in an instant. How precious life really is.

This infection wasn’t life threatening, it wasn’t like I lost my legs and could never run, or bike again. But it did help me to appreciate my life, and the goals I have set. And now that I am better I want to be more determined than ever, because it all could change in an instant.

Thrive2Tri everyone!
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Well no weekly recap this week. Mainly because there was nothing to recap.

I took the week off to let my back heal up, thinking all I had was a pulled muscle. So to make a long story short I have a Kidney, Bladder, and Prostate infection! Who knew!

So really if I had not been a stubborn male (and thinking I know best) and listened to my wife about going to the Doctor I would have been back to training a lot sooner. Now I am waiting for the antibiotics to kick in and kill the infection, and the moment the pains gone, I am running back to training!
This past week has been a challenge for me. I wanted to be training so bad, and I had to watch my training partners go out and get there swimming, cycling, and runs in while I had to sit at home. Yes jealous, but not upset with them. No honestly I was very proud of them continuing. They also were very encouraging to me. But none the less I was struggling. I had just started training, feeling really strong, getting the swimming technique down, and really progressing. But then the pain came and I knew I had to stop.
The thought of missing all those training days knowing that I would have to start pretty much all over was hard to accept. I realize that to most it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you work so hard and your so focused, and determined, to achieve something it’s hard to accept any kind of setback.
As the week went on it was getting harder and harder for me to just sit. I am a goal oriented person. If you know me at all sitting is not something I like to do. Also when I set goals it’s hard for me to be talked out of it, regardless of any circumstance. So as the week went on I was getting more and more frustrated because the pain wouldn’t go away, and began to get angry about it. Mainly because nothing ‘I’ was doing was working.
By the time Friday came I decided to let go of some pride and go to the Chiropractor (because at the time I had self diagnosed it as a pulled muscle). He did his thing, and afterwards I felt really good, but by Sunday morning it was back, with the constant feeling I needed to pee.
Then the realization that I was ‘wrong’ came. It wasn’t muscle, I had an infection. And because I chose to handle it myself, and not take the advice of my lovely wife, I was left to suffer until I could get in to see the doctor and get some antibiotics and pain killers. I hated the idea that because of my stubbornness I have to wait, sit and be patient again. Because my way was not the right way.
Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”
Joyce Meyer, Battlefield of the Mind
So I have to admit, all day Sunday I was really angry with myself. If I would have not been stubborn, and listened to others I could have been back to training a lot sooner. Also if I would have kept a better attitude and had patience then I would not have been as angry about my circumstances.
Now I am back to waiting a couple more days until I can start again.
Here’s a good quote for me:
“In the face of an obstacle which is impossible to overcome, stubbornness is stupid.”
– Simone de Beauvoir
I think I can relate to that quote!
Stubbornness can be a good thing sometimes, but when it comes to your health I have learned its not. As a progress through this journey I really am learning a lot about myself. And that’s what it’s about. I’m challenging myself not just psychically but mentally, and spiritually. And it’s exciting to see where it will lead me.
In life we are constantly faced with opportunities to learn. If we learn our lesson life seems to get a little bit easier. But if we choose to be stubborn, or refuse to see our weak areas then we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom. Proverbs 11:2

I strive not to be caught in the trap of pride, selfishness and the “My way is the right way” attitudes.

So lesson learned.

Thrive2Tri and while you Tri listen to others, it’s a good thing!

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large_7875747010A long long time ago, in a place not to far away…..
There was a young man with back pain.
Does that sound like a movie you would want to see?
It’s the epic tell of a man struggling against his desire to train but forced to  succumb to the sudden reality that he can’t, or shouldn’t.
It looks like I have to take a few days off from training. The pain in my back keeps flaring back up, so before it turns into something more serious I need to let it rest.
To be honest the motivation to continue to train is hard to ignore. I have been enjoying the workouts so much that missing them is really frustrating. But if I don’t want to be out for weeks I need to give myself the time to heal.
I will say this, if it wasn’t for my wife and training buddies Alex and Ashley, I probably would have pushed myself into a full blown injury. So I really can’t stress enough the benefits of training with partners. This has really helped me to value accountability.
The hardest part of taking time off this early,  is the thought of losing anything I might have gained. I have always been the type of person that if I set my mind to do something and write it down as a goal, I will strive to accomplish it regardless of circumstances. So this mandatory rest is getting into my psyche.
But that’s what this journey is all about. It’s about understanding how I work, why I do what I do, when it’s ok to let go and relax, when to listen instead of speak (Tony in my office would say “God gave you two ears and one mouth”).
So even in this mild set back, I’m learning things about myself. And that helps me keep the motivation to continue. This isn’t just about how long I can swim, bike, and run. It’s about learning who I am and what needs to change so I can reach my goal.
It amazes me how much control the mind has over your life, and if left untrained it can lead you to a really bad place full of pain, suffering, regret, and remorse. This isn’t just about me getting physically stronger, it’s about controlling my thoughts and being mindful of where they lead me.
I want to become a person that is not just ruled by my pure desire and motivation to do something, but as someone that understands the value of patience, careful planning, and thoughtfulness to reach my goals. Yes you have to have desire and motivation to accomplish things, but you also need to be careful on how you execute your plan.
 Adam Cycling
A perfect example of this is toddlers. Take 2 toddlers place them in a room with only one toy. Both are going to desire and be motivated to have that toy. What do think the outcome to this scenario would be?
So you get the picture. I am having to put my desires and motivation on hold while I patiently, thoughtfully work my way through this slight set back. The complete thought of that drives me crazy.
So it looks like I will be learning how to have patience as well. Never was good with that one. But I guess it’s time to learn.
I did get to go on a awesome bike ride on Labor Day. It was a little overcast but other than that the temps and ride was great. Went 13 miles and just enjoyed the ride.
Hopefully next week I will be back to normal routine.
Still Thriving 2 Tri!

medium_4752248835Another week down, and I am feeling pretty comfortable with the schedule, and the training load.

Not to say this past week didn’t have its challenges. There were some, but overall felt confident. The hardest part about going to the gym is making sure you bring everything you need for the rest of the day. I find myself in a constant state of planning. With training early in the morning and then going to the office, then training in the evening, it requires some fore thought. It has become a nightly routine to lay out everything I am going to need for the following day. Swimming trunks, running clothes, gym clothes, work clothes, goggles, underwear (I need at least 2 pair sometimes 3), toiletry bag, etc.. Also have to make sure my work clothes are ironed and ready to go.

So the biggest challenge in this whole process might not really be the training itself, it’s just getting there. I have never really struggled with time management but this is tough. They say it takes at least 21 days of doing something to make it routine, well I’m 7 days away!

Here’s my notes from the past week:

MONDAY – At the beginning of this week I was getting over a little sickness. Nothing major but it was enough to make me feel weak. So I took Monday a little easier. I met Hannah at Will’s cross country practice and ran for a little bit, but had to leave early because a table we bought was being delivered so I had to get home.

After Will’s practice I went to the gym and worked on more drills for freestyle. My technique is really starting to come together. While swimming Ashley gives some great feedback. She stayed out of the pool this time and just coached us. Very helpful. Swam for 1 hour.

Ashley also had us swim on our backs.  I am horrible at it! Either my head would be up and legs dragging behind, or legs up and drowning. Every time I let the air out of my lungs I would sink, so I had to do small short breaths, and the only way I could slow my breathing down was to purse my lips like a teenager that has never been kissed (what a site). Swimming can make you feel like an idiot.

TUESDAY – Got to the gym real early. Went straight to the spinners. Did a 5min warmup followed by 10 min of sprints. I like the burn I get from the spinners, but setting those things up takes a bit of time. After the spinner went straight to the treadmill. Ran at 7mph for 15 min followed by 5 min cool down.

Max hr 182

Avg hr 160

Calories 502

WEDNESDAY – Swim drills 6:00pm. Starting to focus on training specifics and weak points. Did 200m kick drill (these will burn your Quads), 8x25m pull drill, 4x25m catch up drill, 4x25m one arm drill, 2x25m kick on back drill (horrible), all out freestyle 4x25m. Swam a total of 900m which is .5 of mile. Swam for 1:20:00. Felt good but afterwards worn out.

Thursday – Took the day off to recover (still adjusting to routine).

FRIDAY – Did some body weight strength training for 40 min. Trying to strengthening the weak areas. Also went to the gym for some more swim training. Did the same routine I did on Wednesday but added a few more freestyle laps. Felt really good. Getting much better and comfortable with the freestyle. Really focusing on learning how to breath right, and just try and reduce as much drag as possible.

SATURDAY – Couldn’t train. My sister was moving to Somerset from Richmond so I was helping her move. Even though I couldn’t train, I still got a killer workout. But on the way up to Richmond I was riding with my Dad in his truck and I started to have a really painful back pain along the right side of my back. After moving around a bit I was able to get it to go away. I didn’t bother me the rest of the day.

SUNDAY – Was planning on going to church and then meeting up with Alex, Ashley, and Hannah to cycle out in Nancy KY, but my back flared back up again. So I decided (well Hannah had to stop me) not to ride and just rest my back. It was so painful it caused me to lose it in a icky bucket. But since I have the best Nurse (Hannah) in the world it finally subsided. I believe I have tweaked it a bit. Really hoping it will heal up quick and not remove me from training.

Well that’s the end of another week.

Thrive2Tri is all I can say!

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medium_3913704909So far it’s been a good week. This is the final week of ironing out details and learning technique. I have really enjoyed learning the proper way to swim, but in all honesty it’s been hard. I have improved, and it’s starting to come together. What I have begun to realize is that now that I am getting freestyle technique down, I now need to get my strength level up to maintain good form. Who knew swimming was so hard.

I am determined to learn this new skill. I have caught myself on every free moment watching videos on youtube, reading about it, and practicing form while staring at myself in the mirror like a complete dork. So you can safely say that I am becoming obsessed. But as I read more and more about Triathletes I notice they all are a little strange. But kind of in a cool way. When I look at them I see men and woman that strive really hard to overcome obstacles that are put before them. Usually these people (that the world would call weird) are your business owners, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and very focused individuals. And I find that fascinating!

But you know in Proverbs 13:20 it says: Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.

So I ask the question; Who do you want to become?

at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Here’s a good quote by Warren Buffett “It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates  whose behavior is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction.”

I could not agree more. It seems like in my life I have always been faced with the option to be around the right people and the wrong people. When I say wrong I’m not necessarily talking about bad people, just the ones that are not heading in the direction I would like to go in, or have different standards then I have. I think everyone can relate to that.

I have always been the type of person that will do anything for anyone, no matter the cost to me. That was a dangerous way to live. If someone asked me to help with something I would do it regardless if I wanted to or not. What a hard way to live your life. As I have gotten older I am learning how to say “NO”. And learning there’s nothing wrong with that word used in the right way. I used to not say “No” because I didn’t want to hurt peoples “feelings”. The problem with that is you end up neglecting your feelings, and before long resentment to others sets in.

Training for a Triathlon is teaching me how to be better at saying “NO”. To reach my goal I can’t miss workouts, I have to be there according to plan or I will fall short and not get to where I want to be.

Also to become the man I want to be, I need to surround myself with people that set goals and achieve them. That will not only help me to reach my goal of completing a Triathlon, it will help me to be a better husband, parent, business owner, friend, and servant.

You probably noticed that the title to this post is accountability and you might be asking yourself why?Hannah

Well it’s simple. To be able to complete this goal I needed to surround myself with people that have a similar goal. And the only way to accomplish that is with people that are going to hold you accountable. What I am doing is not easy. And you need people around you that are going to make you do it on the days you just don’t feel like it. Thankfully I have that. And not only are they just friends they are family.

One of my partners is my wife Hannah. This would not be possible if I didn’t have an understanding wife (it helps that she is willing to train as well). Also training with us is my brother in law Alex and sister in law Ashley. Because of this team, and the commitment we all have made I know we can reach our goal.

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Ok it’s a start to another full week of training. This week I’m still focusing on getting into routine and working on my swimming.medium_3030734483

My son Will is learning about the character trait of having initiative (definition: The power or ability to begin or to follow through energetically with a plan or task.) And I was thinking about how much of that I’m going to need. Mainly when it comes to swimming.

It takes initiative to show up and work on something that you know your not really good at. I am getting better, but I am having a hard time putting all the techniques of swimming freestyle together. If I focus really hard on kicking I do great, if I focus on catching the water and pulling, again not bad, if I focus on the correct way of taking a breath, you guessed it, I can do it. But doing it all together is tough.

But I need to remember that it takes time to learn a new skill and I need to be patient with myself. And continue to show initiative in developing these skills.

I realize that for me to reach my goal it’s not going to be about being a great cyclist, runner, or swimmer, it’s going to be in the small techniques I learn along the way that are going to propel me to reach my goal.

How much is this true just in your every day life? The character trait of having initiative is something it takes to climb the corporate ladder, it’s also required to run and grow a company. If you take the initiative force out of a company what do you think would happen to the company? Growth would stop, the work force would leave, and all motivation would be gone, and before long the company would be gone.

So here’s the challenge for the week; Show initiative at your work, in your home, with your friends and family, in training, and just see if things in those areas don’t improve.

Just because this journey is going to be tough for me, and there’s going to be days I don’t want to train, I’m going to continue to initiate my growth and become a triathlete.

Here’s to taking the initiative this week!

Here’s a video of me swimming freestyle

(I better stop here I need to wake up early and get to the gym)

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First Week Recap

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOk my first week is behind me. It was overall a great week. Some of the challenges that I had to overcome was timing issues. Trying to squeeze in training while also juggling all other responsibilities like work, family, and kids sports. But I have found that its possible.

Is it easy? Nope. Does it take up down time I could be spending doing something fun? Yep. But it’s part of setting a goal and trying to achieve it. Sometimes there’s days where you don’t feel like training (I had one of those days this week). You wake up tired and thinking of all the other things you could be doing instead of training.

I have always been a morning person, but it’s still hard for me some days to wake up get dressed and go train. How easy is it just to make your breakfast and zone out first thing in the morning.

I just go back to the simple slogan of Nike “Just Do It!”

So I did. Everyday This past week I either ran, biked, swam, or lifted weights. Also ran with my son at his cross country practices.

I have proved to myself that this challenge before me is possible as long as I continue to apply myself to the discipline of training, and the desire to succeed.

Here’s a breakdown of my training this week and how I felt:

MONDAY: First day at the gym
Went straight to the pool. Ashley started training us on how to swim correctly. Worked on technique, and form through a series of drills. Was in pool for 1hour 20min. My main problem areas are breathing and putting all the techniques together to swim correctly. Ashley tells me that it will all work out and come together with time.

TUESDAY: Started with the spinner 5 min warmup and then 10 min vigorous pedaling. Then went to the treadmill and ran for 10 min at 6mph, then 5 min cool down. Didn’t want to do much today not sure how the work load is going to build over the course of the week. Also these first two weeks is just getting used to scheduling not as much about training. Not sure if I liked the spinner, I really prefer cycling outdoors. Overall felt strong, and comfortable. Also went to my sons cross country practice and ran 1.26 miles at 10min mile pace.
Heart rate read outs: Max HR 189 Avg HR 162 Calories 601

WEDNESDAY: Worked on more swimming drills. Really trying to perfect the freestyle. I feel like my techniques are improving. Still have a long way to go though. My endurance in swimming is seriously lacking, so in the coming weeks I’m going to work on strengthening the muscles I need for it. Long way to go. Felt really tired and weak. I believe it’s from running cross country the night before. Need a rest day.

THURSDAY: Was going to take a rest day but ended up running again at cross country. Not as hard this day. Helped my son and a friend run there full mile. Being as young as they are running a mile off road was a great accomplishment for them. They are only 5 and 6. Other than that took the day off. Needed the rest.

FRIDAY: Forgot my heart rate monitor! Bummer. Got to the gym around 8:30am. Today focused on getting a good run in. Ran for 20 minutes at 6.5 and 7mph. Then did some medicine ball core training. It’s been awhile since I have used medicine balls. They can give you a killer workout. I felt really strong but my muscles are in need of some healing.

SATURDAY: Rest day! Wasn’t planing on a rest day, but woke up with sore throat and stuffy head. Just couldn’t shake it. Was wanting to get an outside bike ride in. Oh well, muscles needed to heal up before next week.

SUNDAY: Planning on just resting. Also NBC is airing the Ironman Triathlon From Hawaii. Plan on watching that. And then I have my fantasy football draft. (Have to throw some fun into this whole week.)

So after my first week of training I have learned a lot, and I’m looking forward to next week.


Evening drive to the gym

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