So It All Begins

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Training Days
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Ok it’s 8:30pm on August 18th, and I’m sitting on my couch processing what’s about to begin tomorrow. What’s happening tomorrow? Well, my Wife Hannah, my brother in law Alex, my sister in law Ashley, and I are starting our training for our first Triathlon!

Today we went and checked out the local gym we will be using for the colder days of winter, and swimming. Hannah and the kids were with me. Evelyn just couldn’t figure out why we were there, she kept asking “Why are we here?”, “What does that do?” poor thing never seen the inside of a gym. Well she will get to know it real well over the next few months. 🙂

The feelings I have right now is mixed. I’m excited, but also nervous. Can I maintain all my other commitments while also training? Can my workout buddies do the same? A lot of what if’s, but that brings me right back to the excitement of it. Isn’t part of this whole journey about the challenges? If I can do this while not neglecting any of my other responsibilities I will gain more productive hours in my day, I will prove to myself with determination I can accomplish anything.

One of the things I have always tried to remember is that Billionaires have the same hours in a day they just manage there time differently. So why aren’t we all Billionaires? Well I know a lot more goes into earning that kind of money, but you get the point. We all waste time using excuses like ‘There’s not enough hours in a day’, ‘If only I had more time’ etc.. Those are just excuses we use because we haven’t been good stewards of our time. So hopefully throughout all this that’s something I will get better at.

But back to the gym. Really looking forward to getting back into a gym. When I was 17 I used to work in one and really liked the since of community that develops. This gym is nice, it has a full Olympic size pool, and a room with bike spinners. Those will really help through the colder months when cycling outside is miserable. Also has a large weight room with free weights, machines, and cardio equipment. They even someone on staff that watches the kids while we train in a really nice kids area with toys, crafts, and movies. So overall it should be a really good experience.

That’s all for tonight. Good night!



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