Why Did I Start This Blog part 2

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Inspiration

How about a little back story about who I am and why I would want to train for a triathlon.

I grew up in a small Kentucky town called Somerset. Even though it’s a small town it has a lot to offer. Somerset is located next to Lake Cumberland, a large man made lake with more shoreline than the state of Florida!

I grew up in a strong Christian family with two loving parents and a sister. My parents were the greatest, always willing to make the sacrifice for my sister and I to have what they never had. My parents also wanted us to have a great Christian Education and know what it is to have morals, values, and standards for our lives so they decided to homeschool us. And for that I am so thankful. Mainly because if I was put in public school they probably would have put me in a special class or put a label on me like ADD, or ADHD. See I had a bad speech problem, and a really hard time focusing on school if it didn’t interest me. So through homeschool my mom was able to adjust the teaching style to fit me and through that she created a desire to learn, to read, to explore, to experience life.


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