Why Did I Start This Blog part 3

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Inspiration

During my younger years my parents kept me involved with all the typical sports kids are in (soccer, basketball, baseball, etc..). I wouldn’t say I was great at sports I was more above average (if you would have asked me back then I’m sure I would puff that statement up a bit). I always enjoyed the competition and the challenges that came with sports.

But I really had it nice when it came to playing sports. The neighborhood I grew up in was full of boys my age, and the neighbors across from me had a large open field. Whatever sport that was in season we would get out there and play. Each one of us pretending to be our favorite pro athlete in that sports. My favorite pro baseball player at the time was Tom Glavin with the Atlanta braves, my favorite football player was Troy Aikman with the Dallas cowboys. I can remember pretending to be each one of those and while I played my sport I would try to mimic them the best I could.

As I got into my pre-teen years my parents starting keeping foster kids. What an experience that was! I got a good dose of culture that’s for sure. But really the experience for me was overall good. I think I can owe that back to having a passion for learning, and experiencing new things and my weird thought of what an adventure was. See like I said earlier I only had an older sister so through the foster care program I just thought of them as my brothers. And boy did we treat each other like brothers! Especially when it came to competition. We would fight about everything. Most fights were probably my fault, I never liked to admit I was wrong about something (don’t believe me? ask my wife. ). But I really learned a lot through those years, and grateful for them.

During these years my sister brought into this world a beautiful baby girl named Hayley. I was now an uncle! I was just in love with her the moment she was born. And throughout the past few years I have gotten to watch this baby grow up into a gorgeous young lady.

Like I said I am one blessed man. And God has been faithful.

Also want to mention that throughout my pre-teen years I got very active in my local church’s youth group. And what a youth group we had. Probably around 100 teens (that’s big for Somerset). I started serving on the leadership team when I was 14. I always had a heart to lead and to help people and what a great way to start.


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