Why Did I Start This Blog part 5

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Inspiration

During the first year of are marriage my focus switched from cycling and sports, and everything I used to do, to really focusing on her. I am not saying this as a negative at all. My passion for life and purpose was different. I had this lovely woman that chose to spend the rest of her life with me. This was the best year of my life!

Then she got pregnant with our first baby. It was a boy! William. My life was about to change again and I was ready for it. I have always wanted to be a Dad. Those first few days of getting to tell everyone I was going to be a Dad was awesome. I can remember telling my parents, Hannah’s parents, and all other family. It was such a strong feeling of happiness. I couldn’t wait for the little guy to get here. And of course my thoughts went to all I would get to teach my son to do. Like cycling!

During these years of my life I still wasn’t that interested in sports or cycling. I still would do the occasional ride and I would still read about it, but I was really focused on my family. Will was young and needed a hands on dad.

I also need to mention that right after Will was born I got my real estate license. I still did the personal fitness training on the side, but I started noticing that I kind of enjoyed the adventure, and the experience the business world has to offer. So I slowly began to do more real estate and less training. One of my goals in my career was to own my own brokerage. I am so blessed to say that I have reached that goal. I co-own Cumberland Realty Group with Denise Robertson right here in Somerset Kentucky. I truly love my job.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about business on here but feel free to visit my companies website to learn more about that area of my life. http://www.CumberlandRealtyGroup.com. Lets get back to my family.

Now let’s jump forward a few years to 2009. Hannah is pregnant again! Praise God, another blessing in my life and another change. I get to be a dad again. This time it’s a girl! All the emotions I had the first time came back again! We went around telling the family and friends just like before. My heart was just so full. I was going to be the Dad of a special little girl. I will have a daughter to walk down the aisle just like Hannah’s Dad did, and give her to the husband that I have been praying for. What a joy she is. We named her Evelyn.

The next couple of years I still spent with my family not really focusing on sports, but as Will and Evelyn got older things started to change. Hannah and I wanted to start being a good example about physical exercise and nutrition. So we started getting back into exercising.


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