Why Did I Start This Blog part 4

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Inspiration

Let’s talk about my teen years! Some of the best years of my life!

They truly were the best years, not because I got a little taste of freedom a teenager feels, not because I got to go on trips with a bunch of friends, and not because I just got my drivers license. No for me it was because of one day when I was 16 years old I met someone, not just a someone but the one. The one that when your around them they look into you and see who and what you are, the one who has the ability to speak truth to you even when you don’t want to hear it, the one who will stand beside you no matter what happens, the one that will be there through it all, the one that you know with out a doubt you can love just like Christ loved us, the one you would die for and wouldn’t think twice. That’s right, I met my wife.

Yep that’s my gorgeous wife Hannah! How pretty is she!?! I am a truly blessed man.

Let’s talk now about the road that has led me to wanting to do a Triathlon.

During my teenage years I didn’t really participate in organized sports. That’s not to say I didn’t have a sport. No I developed a love of cycling. Mountain biking to be specific. Every free moment I had I would go out with some buddies and hit the trails. We would ride all day if we could. And through mountain biking I began to get a passion for endurance sports. I even got into Kayaking. I will never forget the day my Dad and I went up to the big city (Lexington KY) and he bought me my first Kayak and all the gear to go with it! He even got himself one. What an awesome dad (Thanks dad for the memory!).

I got pretty good and mountain biking truly enjoyed everything about it. Hanging out with the friends, being in the woods, and the since of speed you get riding through the woods on a machine with two wheels. There’s something about a bicycle that just amazes me. The way the bike can be propelled and a fast rate with very little effort from the rider, and how you can reach a speed that isn’t possible with just mere human legs. What an amazing vehicle a bicycle is.

This passion of mountain biking led to wanting to get into road biking. So in 2002 my wife (currently my girl friend at the time) and parents bought me my first road bike a Trek 1000. I can remember clear as day my first ride on that bike. I took it out and rode it down a small stretch of road in my parents subdivision. What a different ride that was! I could go so much faster and the sense of control I felt on the bike, I was hooked. I would go to putting thousands of miles on that little bike.

During the peak of my cycling addiction Hannah and I started getting closer and closer to the day we were to be married.

Hannah was going to college in Evansville IN and I was working in Somerset KY as a Fitness Trainer. After she graduated we got engaged and in 2005 in a Church in downtown Somerset the love of my life married this crazy little man. What an awesome day that was. I know they say girls grow up always thinking about their wedding day, well so do boys. And let me tell you all of my dreams came true that day. She was so beautiful! When I first saw her being escorted down the aisle by her Dad my heart could not contain the reality of what was taking place, so I did the only response a human does in that situation I cried (real men now it’s ok to cry). I cried tears of joy, because of the blessing that was being poured out on me from heaven. I was getting ready to marry the woman my parents have prayed for me my whole life, this woman has been prepared just for me, and I for her. What an awesome thought that was. Like I said I am a truly blessed man.


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