Why Did I Start This Blog part 6

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Inspiration

I really wanted to start biking but needed to have a biking buddy and really the kids were not old enough to bike yet so God worked it out and got me a buddy. Gary. Gary was in his 70′s but that didn’t stop him for a second he rode just as hard and long as all the young riders. And because of Gary I got back into cycling. We would do a cycle ride that would always end at Mcdonald’s were we would drink some coffee. But then Gary got really sick and that put him out of biking for awhile. But he’s coming back now! So I’m sure our coffee runs will resume in the near future.

During this tie of exercise resurgence my wife started running. She started running using a well known system called Couch to 5k. So I started running with her.

Let’s pause and talk about running for a second. I hated running. When you are a cyclist and used to going fast with little effort running sounds like torture. The effort you have to use just to get through it sucks. Running reminded me of those dreams you have when someone or some thing is chasing you and no matter how hard you push you don’t go any faster and this thing is going to catch you, but right before he does you wake up. Leaves you wondering what happens if he catch’s you before you wake up. Well to find out go running. Because at the end you will feel like a ton of bricks was thrown at you, and the person throwing them has ridiculous accuracy and hits you in all the right places. This was my thought on running. But against every muscle fiber in my body I started running with my lovely wife (while pushing a stroller I will add). At first she hated running with me. I would say how much I hate this, this is slow and boring compared to cycling, do we really have to run? Us men can be such babies sometimes. But I kept going out with her, I kept running. Slowly (I mean real slow) I began to like the feeling of it. It also made me a stronger cyclist.

They say some people get addicted to the endorphins (chemicals that tap into your brain’s feel-good center) that are released through exercise. I never would have saw myself as someone that would get that way, but I was wrong. I have been finding myself seeking that feeling more and more. Because of that I am focusing more on exercise. I love the thought of it before I do it, I love the feeling during, and the feeling after is such a joy. Strange. But I understand it now. You will never find another activity that will help you with stress like exercise. That alone should get you out there moving.

Now back to my wife starting to run. So we continued to run both of us getting stronger and feeling better. Also the kids were getting older and Will started biking with us as we ran. You can imagine how I felt about that! Complete euphoria seeing my son enjoying something I always enjoyed. And because both of his parents were active, he grew a passion to be active and learn to ride a bike. Evelyn will do the same.

This leads me to the WHY I would want to do this crazy thing called a Triathlon. It’s not just because I enjoy exercising, it’s not just so I can brag about what I can do, it’s not because I am going to get skinny and strong. It’s because of my kids, and people. People need to be inspired, they need to have goals. I see to many people in my life that just ‘have a life’ instead of ‘Living a life’. I’m doing this to inspire my kids that they can do anything they want to do as long as they try and not give up. That’s the reason for this blog. I Want people to see what it’s like in the ups and downs of a challenge. I want them to see themselves accomplishing something to be proud of.

As you can see there is nothing special about me. I am an ordinary guy with a wife, kids, bills, and a career. But I want to make sure as a Christian, a Husband, a Father, a Provider, a Boss, and a Friend that I am living my life to inspire people to accomplish things that seem impossible. Especially my kids. I want them to be able to look at me and say well my Dad did it so can I.


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