Swimming/Cardio WOW!

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well last night we went to the gym and my sister-in-law Ashley started coaching us on how to swim freestyle.

I need some work! (I will try and post a video of me swimming later)

Instructor Ashley is awesome. Her kind gentle words of encouragement, her gentle way of saying stop that’s not right, get your butt up, don’t kick so big, extend arms out, and my favorite; let’s just use the kick boards!

I am not saying this in a sarcastic kind of way, nope she really is awesome and patient and very encouraging. But it makes it hard when your wife is beside you in the next lane just effortlessly swimming around, kicking correctly and cruising down the lane and Ashley looks over there at her and simply says “Your doing great!”. Yeah you guessed it a bit competitive. I’m really proud of her actually. It makes me happy seeing her doing so well, and confident. I just can’t figure out why my legs, arms, neck, butt, and head won’t do what my brain tells them to do! But Ashley is going to turn me into an awesome swimmer, and I have full faith that she can.

Some of the things we worked on last night is how to kick without bending our knees, the proper way to stroke through the water, and how to turn our bodies on an axis to breath. I didn’t have a problem with each separate drill, it’s just trying to put it all together. It’s tough.

I have to be a little honest though. When I thought about the swimming aspect of this whole thing I thought I would get in the water get a few pointers and be on my way with swimming laps. For those who are thinking about learning to swim be patient with yourself it’s hard to do it correctly. Ashley said something last night that I am trying to keep in my thought process.

She said, “Swimming is not about strength, or power, it’s about efficiency in the water.” How true is that?

How many times have you watched swimmers in the Olympics make it look so effortless?

I know how to swim but I don’t know anything about swimming efficiently, and effortlessly though the water. But through this adventure I’m on and with Instructor Ashley by my side I will learn.

Thanks Ashley!



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