First Week Recap

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Training Days

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOk my first week is behind me. It was overall a great week. Some of the challenges that I had to overcome was timing issues. Trying to squeeze in training while also juggling all other responsibilities like work, family, and kids sports. But I have found that its possible.

Is it easy? Nope. Does it take up down time I could be spending doing something fun? Yep. But it’s part of setting a goal and trying to achieve it. Sometimes there’s days where you don’t feel like training (I had one of those days this week). You wake up tired and thinking of all the other things you could be doing instead of training.

I have always been a morning person, but it’s still hard for me some days to wake up get dressed and go train. How easy is it just to make your breakfast and zone out first thing in the morning.

I just go back to the simple slogan of Nike “Just Do It!”

So I did. Everyday This past week I either ran, biked, swam, or lifted weights. Also ran with my son at his cross country practices.

I have proved to myself that this challenge before me is possible as long as I continue to apply myself to the discipline of training, and the desire to succeed.

Here’s a breakdown of my training this week and how I felt:

MONDAY: First day at the gym
Went straight to the pool. Ashley started training us on how to swim correctly. Worked on technique, and form through a series of drills. Was in pool for 1hour 20min. My main problem areas are breathing and putting all the techniques together to swim correctly. Ashley tells me that it will all work out and come together with time.

TUESDAY: Started with the spinner 5 min warmup and then 10 min vigorous pedaling. Then went to the treadmill and ran for 10 min at 6mph, then 5 min cool down. Didn’t want to do much today not sure how the work load is going to build over the course of the week. Also these first two weeks is just getting used to scheduling not as much about training. Not sure if I liked the spinner, I really prefer cycling outdoors. Overall felt strong, and comfortable. Also went to my sons cross country practice and ran 1.26 miles at 10min mile pace.
Heart rate read outs: Max HR 189 Avg HR 162 Calories 601

WEDNESDAY: Worked on more swimming drills. Really trying to perfect the freestyle. I feel like my techniques are improving. Still have a long way to go though. My endurance in swimming is seriously lacking, so in the coming weeks I’m going to work on strengthening the muscles I need for it. Long way to go. Felt really tired and weak. I believe it’s from running cross country the night before. Need a rest day.

THURSDAY: Was going to take a rest day but ended up running again at cross country. Not as hard this day. Helped my son and a friend run there full mile. Being as young as they are running a mile off road was a great accomplishment for them. They are only 5 and 6. Other than that took the day off. Needed the rest.

FRIDAY: Forgot my heart rate monitor! Bummer. Got to the gym around 8:30am. Today focused on getting a good run in. Ran for 20 minutes at 6.5 and 7mph. Then did some medicine ball core training. It’s been awhile since I have used medicine balls. They can give you a killer workout. I felt really strong but my muscles are in need of some healing.

SATURDAY: Rest day! Wasn’t planing on a rest day, but woke up with sore throat and stuffy head. Just couldn’t shake it. Was wanting to get an outside bike ride in. Oh well, muscles needed to heal up before next week.

SUNDAY: Planning on just resting. Also NBC is airing the Ironman Triathlon From Hawaii. Plan on watching that. And then I have my fantasy football draft. (Have to throw some fun into this whole week.)

So after my first week of training I have learned a lot, and I’m looking forward to next week.


Evening drive to the gym

photo credit: Meyer Felix via photopin cc


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