The Start of Week 2 Taking the Initiative

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Inspiration, Training Days, Uncategorized

Ok it’s a start to another full week of training. This week I’m still focusing on getting into routine and working on my swimming.medium_3030734483

My son Will is learning about the character trait of having initiative (definition: The power or ability to begin or to follow through energetically with a plan or task.) And I was thinking about how much of that I’m going to need. Mainly when it comes to swimming.

It takes initiative to show up and work on something that you know your not really good at. I am getting better, but I am having a hard time putting all the techniques of swimming freestyle together. If I focus really hard on kicking I do great, if I focus on catching the water and pulling, again not bad, if I focus on the correct way of taking a breath, you guessed it, I can do it. But doing it all together is tough.

But I need to remember that it takes time to learn a new skill and I need to be patient with myself. And continue to show initiative in developing these skills.

I realize that for me to reach my goal it’s not going to be about being a great cyclist, runner, or swimmer, it’s going to be in the small techniques I learn along the way that are going to propel me to reach my goal.

How much is this true just in your every day life? The character trait of having initiative is something it takes to climb the corporate ladder, it’s also required to run and grow a company. If you take the initiative force out of a company what do you think would happen to the company? Growth would stop, the work force would leave, and all motivation would be gone, and before long the company would be gone.

So here’s the challenge for the week; Show initiative at your work, in your home, with your friends and family, in training, and just see if things in those areas don’t improve.

Just because this journey is going to be tough for me, and there’s going to be days I don’t want to train, I’m going to continue to initiate my growth and become a triathlete.

Here’s to taking the initiative this week!

Here’s a video of me swimming freestyle

(I better stop here I need to wake up early and get to the gym)

photo credit: Angela Radulescu via photopin cc


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