Week 2 – Progress!

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Training Days
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medium_4752248835Another week down, and I am feeling pretty comfortable with the schedule, and the training load.

Not to say this past week didn’t have its challenges. There were some, but overall felt confident. The hardest part about going to the gym is making sure you bring everything you need for the rest of the day. I find myself in a constant state of planning. With training early in the morning and then going to the office, then training in the evening, it requires some fore thought. It has become a nightly routine to lay out everything I am going to need for the following day. Swimming trunks, running clothes, gym clothes, work clothes, goggles, underwear (I need at least 2 pair sometimes 3), toiletry bag, etc.. Also have to make sure my work clothes are ironed and ready to go.

So the biggest challenge in this whole process might not really be the training itself, it’s just getting there. I have never really struggled with time management but this is tough. They say it takes at least 21 days of doing something to make it routine, well I’m 7 days away!

Here’s my notes from the past week:

MONDAY – At the beginning of this week I was getting over a little sickness. Nothing major but it was enough to make me feel weak. So I took Monday a little easier. I met Hannah at Will’s cross country practice and ran for a little bit, but had to leave early because a table we bought was being delivered so I had to get home.

After Will’s practice I went to the gym and worked on more drills for freestyle. My technique is really starting to come together. While swimming Ashley gives some great feedback. She stayed out of the pool this time and just coached us. Very helpful. Swam for 1 hour.

Ashley also had us swim on our backs.  I am horrible at it! Either my head would be up and legs dragging behind, or legs up and drowning. Every time I let the air out of my lungs I would sink, so I had to do small short breaths, and the only way I could slow my breathing down was to purse my lips like a teenager that has never been kissed (what a site). Swimming can make you feel like an idiot.

TUESDAY – Got to the gym real early. Went straight to the spinners. Did a 5min warmup followed by 10 min of sprints. I like the burn I get from the spinners, but setting those things up takes a bit of time. After the spinner went straight to the treadmill. Ran at 7mph for 15 min followed by 5 min cool down.

Max hr 182

Avg hr 160

Calories 502

WEDNESDAY – Swim drills 6:00pm. Starting to focus on training specifics and weak points. Did 200m kick drill (these will burn your Quads), 8x25m pull drill, 4x25m catch up drill, 4x25m one arm drill, 2x25m kick on back drill (horrible), all out freestyle 4x25m. Swam a total of 900m which is .5 of mile. Swam for 1:20:00. Felt good but afterwards worn out.

Thursday – Took the day off to recover (still adjusting to routine).

FRIDAY – Did some body weight strength training for 40 min. Trying to strengthening the weak areas. Also went to the gym for some more swim training. Did the same routine I did on Wednesday but added a few more freestyle laps. Felt really good. Getting much better and comfortable with the freestyle. Really focusing on learning how to breath right, and just try and reduce as much drag as possible.

SATURDAY – Couldn’t train. My sister was moving to Somerset from Richmond so I was helping her move. Even though I couldn’t train, I still got a killer workout. But on the way up to Richmond I was riding with my Dad in his truck and I started to have a really painful back pain along the right side of my back. After moving around a bit I was able to get it to go away. I didn’t bother me the rest of the day.

SUNDAY – Was planning on going to church and then meeting up with Alex, Ashley, and Hannah to cycle out in Nancy KY, but my back flared back up again. So I decided (well Hannah had to stop me) not to ride and just rest my back. It was so painful it caused me to lose it in a icky bucket. But since I have the best Nurse (Hannah) in the world it finally subsided. I believe I have tweaked it a bit. Really hoping it will heal up quick and not remove me from training.

Well that’s the end of another week.

Thrive2Tri is all I can say!

photo credit: Yogendra174 via photopin cc


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