Back Wars

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Inspiration, Training Days
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large_7875747010A long long time ago, in a place not to far away…..
There was a young man with back pain.
Does that sound like a movie you would want to see?
It’s the epic tell of a man struggling against his desire to train but forced to  succumb to the sudden reality that he can’t, or shouldn’t.
It looks like I have to take a few days off from training. The pain in my back keeps flaring back up, so before it turns into something more serious I need to let it rest.
To be honest the motivation to continue to train is hard to ignore. I have been enjoying the workouts so much that missing them is really frustrating. But if I don’t want to be out for weeks I need to give myself the time to heal.
I will say this, if it wasn’t for my wife and training buddies Alex and Ashley, I probably would have pushed myself into a full blown injury. So I really can’t stress enough the benefits of training with partners. This has really helped me to value accountability.
The hardest part of taking time off this early,  is the thought of losing anything I might have gained. I have always been the type of person that if I set my mind to do something and write it down as a goal, I will strive to accomplish it regardless of circumstances. So this mandatory rest is getting into my psyche.
But that’s what this journey is all about. It’s about understanding how I work, why I do what I do, when it’s ok to let go and relax, when to listen instead of speak (Tony in my office would say “God gave you two ears and one mouth”).
So even in this mild set back, I’m learning things about myself. And that helps me keep the motivation to continue. This isn’t just about how long I can swim, bike, and run. It’s about learning who I am and what needs to change so I can reach my goal.
It amazes me how much control the mind has over your life, and if left untrained it can lead you to a really bad place full of pain, suffering, regret, and remorse. This isn’t just about me getting physically stronger, it’s about controlling my thoughts and being mindful of where they lead me.
I want to become a person that is not just ruled by my pure desire and motivation to do something, but as someone that understands the value of patience, careful planning, and thoughtfulness to reach my goals. Yes you have to have desire and motivation to accomplish things, but you also need to be careful on how you execute your plan.
 Adam Cycling
A perfect example of this is toddlers. Take 2 toddlers place them in a room with only one toy. Both are going to desire and be motivated to have that toy. What do think the outcome to this scenario would be?
So you get the picture. I am having to put my desires and motivation on hold while I patiently, thoughtfully work my way through this slight set back. The complete thought of that drives me crazy.
So it looks like I will be learning how to have patience as well. Never was good with that one. But I guess it’s time to learn.
I did get to go on a awesome bike ride on Labor Day. It was a little overcast but other than that the temps and ride was great. Went 13 miles and just enjoyed the ride.
Hopefully next week I will be back to normal routine.
Still Thriving 2 Tri!

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