medium_2575008703I am finally getting back to training! It’s been two week since the last time I either, ran, biked, or swam and I am so ready to get back out there.

At the beginning of last week I went to the doctor found out I had an infection in my bladder, kidney, and prostate. He put me on some antibiotics, the first round didn’t do anything for me. So then he put me on a stronger antibiotic Friday and finally some breakthrough. The infection is not completely gone yet but almost. I don’t have the pain in my back anymore so praise God!

Now let me talk about determination. It’s something at the beginning of this I relied on and during the week I thought about. I was so determined to do a triathlon, I was determined to train everyday, I was determined to eat right and lose some extra weight. Then I got sick and I was determined to get healed and get back to training.

I struggled again this week missing all the training. They say your muscles begin to atrophy after 48 hours of non use. And there I was stuck on the couch processing that. With everyday that went by I was losing any progress I made. Even though I have just recently begun the training for a triathlon I still ran all the time and cycled. And this was the longest I have went without any kind of exercise.

But as I thought about what I was losing something inside of me was getting more focused, more DETERMINED, more driven.

When you think of a professional athlete, you will sometimes say things like; well they are naturally talented, or they got to where they are because of who they know that’s why they are successful. Can that be said about some of them? Sure, but I don’t believe that’s

true for most. Something inside of them just made them more determined to succeed than others. They didn’t except the reality that was around them.

English: Team Hoyt at half way point of 2008 B...

English: Team Hoyt at half way point of 2008 Boston Marathon in Wellesley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever heard of Team Hoyt? Here’s a story where a man was determined to do something for his son that most would say they couldn’t do. But Dick Hoyt was determined. In 1977 Dicks son Rick (which was in a wheelchair and was a quadriplegic with cerebral palsy) looked up to his dad and asked if they could run a 5 mile race. We

ll instead of saying no to his son, he said yes. They finished that 5 mile race, and Rick told his Dad  after it was over “Dad, when I’m running, it feels like I’m not handicapped.” What came after that 5 mile run? Well 1,000 more competitions which some of them were full Ironmans.

Look what Dick’s determination did for his son!

Read there story here:

Now I am not saying what I went through is anything that significant. What I am saying is when you set a goal and are determined to accomplish that goal life is going to throw a kink into that plan, and try to deter you from reaching for something that the world would say you can’t do. At that point you have a choice, either accept that as truth, or let it feed your determination more and realize that what you are doing must truly be worth it or it would be easier.

I have said it before but I will say it again, I am on this journey to learn about myself, to really look at who I am, and what (through Chirst) I can accomplish with this precious life God has given me.

I have also learned to appreciate everyday I have with the health that I have, because it can all be taken away in an instant. How precious life really is.

This infection wasn’t life threatening, it wasn’t like I lost my legs and could never run, or bike again. But it did help me to appreciate my life, and the goals I have set. And now that I am better I want to be more determined than ever, because it all could change in an instant.

Thrive2Tri everyone!
photo credit: @cdharrison via photopin cc


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