Who I Am

My name is Adam Gullett and I created this blog to be a place where I can share my experiences along the way, and to maybe help motivate some others to do the same.

famil6(Here’s a picture of my family. My lovely Wife Hannah, my son William, and my daughter Evelyn.)


What I also want to accomplish with this blog is true honesty. What do I mean? Well I am a guy, and as a guy we have this really crazy way of not really being honest about our emotions, how we feel, and what’s really going on in our heads. We like to keep people at an arms length when it comes to our emotional state. Well I want to change that. Now before you start thinking that I am going to get all mushy on here that’s not what I’m really talking about (I’m still a guy and have a reputation to uphold).

What am I talking about? How many websites or blogs have you went to in regards to sports and the blogger always just posts his distances covered, time in training, what heart rate zone they trained in etc? Well I will be providing that information (like I said I am a guy and we always like to brag), but my true goal is to try and relay how I am feeling about my training, the experience I am having, the good and the bad moments. I want someone to be able to read this and think to themselves, ok maybe I can do this, maybe I can challenge myself in some way and accomplish a goal. Not for the sake of being able to brag about it, but simply because you wanted to do it.

How about a little back story about who I am and why I would want to train for a triathlon.

Adam GullettThis is me!

I grew up in a small Kentucky town called Somerset. Even though it’s a small town it has a lot to offer. Somerset is located next to Lake Cumberland, a large man made lake with more shoreline than the state of Florida!

I grew up in a strong Christian family with two loving parents and a sister. My parents were the greatest, always willing to make the sacrifice for my sister and I to have what they never had. My parents also wanted us to have a great Christian Education and know what it is to have morals, values, and standards for our lives so they decided to homeschool us. And for that I am so thankful. Mainly because if I was put in public school they probably would have put me in a special class or put a label on me like ADD, or ADHD. See I had a bad speech problem, and a really hard time focusing on school if it didn’t interest me. So through homeschool my mom was able to adjust the teaching style to fit me and through that she created a desire to learn, to read, to explore, to experience life.

During my younger years my parents kept me involved with all the typical sports kids are in (soccer, basketball, baseball, etc..). I wouldn’t say I was great at sports I was more above average (if you would have asked me back then I’m sure I would puff that statement up a bit). I always enjoyed the competition and the challenges that came with sports.

But I really had it nice when it came to playing sports. The neighborhood I grew up in was full of boys my age, and the neighbors across from me had a large open field. Whatever sport that was in season we would get out there and play. Each one of us pretending to be our favorite pro athlete in that sports. My favorite pro baseball player at the time was Tom Glavin with the Atlanta braves, my favorite football player was Troy Aikman with the Dallas cowboys. I can remember pretending to be each one of those and while I played my sport I would try to mimic them the best I could.

As I got into my pre-teen years my parents starting keeping foster kids. What an experience that was! I got a good dose of culture that’s for sure. But really the experience for me was overall good. I think I can owe that back to having a passion for learning, and experiencing new things and my  weird thought of what an adventure was. See like I said earlier I only had an older sister so through the foster care program I just thought of them as my brothers. And boy did we treat each other like brothers! Especially when it came to competition. We would fight about everything. Most fights were probably my fault, I never liked to admit I was wrong about something (don’t believe me? ask my wife. :)). But I really learned a lot through those years, and grateful for them.

During these years my sister brought into this world a beautiful baby girl named Hayley. I was now an uncle! I was just in love with her the moment she was born. And throughout the past few years I have gotten to watch this baby grow up into a gorgeous young lady.

HayleyThis is Hayley! Such a pretty lady. (Now listen guys out there this is my niece I am watching out for this girl. Don’t try anything stupid or you will have me to answer to!)

Like I said I am on blessed man. And God has been faithful.

Also want to mention that throughout my pre-teen years I got very active in my local church’s youth group. And what a youth group we had. Probably around 100 teens (that’s big for Somerset). I started serving on the leadership team when I was 14. I always had a heart to lead and to help people and what a great way to start.

Let’s talk about my teen years! Some of the best years of my life!

They truly were the best years, not because I got a little taste of freedom a teenager feels, not because I got to go on trips with a bunch of friends,  and not because I just got my drivers license. No for me it was because of one day when I was 16 years old I met someone, not just a someone but the one. The one that when your around them they look into you and see who and what you are, the one who has the ability to speak truth to you even when you don’t want to hear it, the one who will stand beside you no matter what happens, the one that will be there through it all, the one that you know with out a doubt you can love just like Christ loved us, the one you would die for and wouldn’t think twice. That’s right, I met my wife.

HannahYep that’s my gorgeous wife Hannah! How pretty is she!?! I am a truly blessed man.

Let’s talk now about the road that has led me to wanting to do a Triathlon.

During my teenage years I didn’t really participate in organized sports. That’s not to say I didn’t have a sport. No I developed a love of cycling. Mountain biking to be specific. Every free moment I had I would go out with some buddies and hit the trails. We would ride all day if we could. And through mountain biking I began to get a passion for endurance sports. I even got into Kayaking. I will never forget the day my Dad and I went up to the big city (Lexington KY) and he bought me my first Kayak and all the gear to go with it! He even got himself one. What an awesome dad (Thanks dad for the memory!).

I got pretty good and mountain biking truly enjoyed everything about it. Hanging out with the friends, being in the woods, and the since of speed you get riding through the woods on a machine with two wheels. There’s something about a bicycle that just amazes me. The way the bike can be propelled and a fast rate with very little effort from the rider, and how you can reach a speed that isn’t possible with just mere human legs. What an amazing vehicle a bicycle is.

This passion of mountain biking led to wanting to get into road biking. So in 2002 my wife (currently my girl friend at the time) and parents bought me my first road bike a Trek 1000. I can remember clear as day my first ride on that bike. I took it out and rode it down a small stretch of road in my parents subdivision. What a different ride that was! I could go so much faster and the sense of control I felt on the bike, I was hooked. I would go to putting thousands of miles on that little bike.

During the peak of my cycling addiction Hannah and I started getting closer and closer to the day we were to be married.

Hannah was going to college in Evansville IN and I was working in Somerset KY as a Fitness Trainer. After she graduated we got engaged and in 2005 in a Church in downtown Somerset the love of my life married this crazy little man. What an awesome day that was. I know they say girls grow up always thinking about their wedding day, well so do boys. And let me tell you all of my dreams came true that day. She was so beautiful! When I first saw her being escorted down the aisle by her Dad my heart could not contain the reality of what was taking place, so I did the only response a human does in that situation I cried (real men now it’s ok to cry). I cried tears of joy, because of the blessing that was being poured out on me from heaven. I was getting ready to marry the woman my parents have prayed for me my whole life, this woman has been prepared just for me, and I for her. What an awesome thought that was. Like I said I am a truly blessed man.

During the first year of are marriage my focus switched from cycling and sports, and everything I used to do, to really focusing on her. I am not saying this as a negative at all. My passion for life and purpose was different. I had this lovely woman that chose to spend the rest of her life with me. This was the best year of my life!

Then she got pregnant with our first baby. It was a boy! William. My life was about to change again and I was ready for it. I have always wanted to be a Dad. Those first few days of getting to tell everyone I was going to be a Dad was awesome. I can remember telling my parents, Hannah’s parents, and all other family. It was such a strong feeling of happiness. I couldn’t wait for the little guy to get here. And of course my thoughts went to all I would get to teach my son to do. Like cycling!

Wiliam William2 Here’s my handsome young man. The medal he has around his neck he won in his first year in track and field.

During these years of my life I still wasn’t that interested in sports or cycling. I still would do the occasional ride and I would still read about it, but I was really focused on my family. Will was young and needed a hands on dad.

I also need to mention that right after Will was born I got my real estate license. I still did the personal fitness training on the side, but I started noticing that I kind of enjoyed the adventure, and the experience the business world has to offer. So I slowly began to do more real estate and less training. One of my goals in my career was to own my own brokerage. I am so blessed to say that I have reached that goal. I co-own Cumberland Realty Group with Denise Robertson right here in Somerset Kentucky. I truly love my job.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about business on here but feel free to visit my companies website to learn more about that area of my life. www.CumberlandRealtyGroup.com. Lets get back to my family.

Now let’s jump forward a few years to 2009. Hannah is pregnant again! Praise God, another blessing in my life and another change. I get to be a dad again. This time it’s a girl! All the emotions I had the first time came back again! We went around telling the family and friends just like before. My heart was just so full. I was going to be the Dad of a special little girl. I will have a daughter to walk down the aisle just like Hannah’s Dad did, and give her to the husband that I have been praying for. What a joy she is. We named her Evelyn.

Evelyn Evelyn_2Here’s my pretty little girl Evelyn. She has such a joyful personality. I love that little girl!

The next couple of years I still spent with my family not really focusing on sports, but as Will and Evelyn got older things started to change. Hannah and I wanted to start being a good example about physical exercise and nutrition. So we started getting back into exercising.

I really wanted to start biking but needed to have a biking buddy and really the kids were not old enough to bike yet so God worked it out and got me a buddy. Gary. Gary was in his 70’s but that didn’t stop him for a second he rode just as hard and long as all the young riders. And because of Gary I got back into cycling. We would do a cycle ride that would always end at Mcdonald’s were we would drink some coffee. But then Gary got really sick and that put him out of biking for awhile. But he’s coming back now! So I’m sure our coffee runs will resume in the near future.

During this tie of exercise resurgence my wife started running. She started running using a well known system called Couch to 5k. So I started running with her.

Let’s pause and talk about running for a second. I hated running. When you are a cyclist and used to going fast with little effort running sounds like torture. The effort you have to use just to get through it sucks. Running reminded me of those dreams you have when someone or some thing is chasing you and no matter how hard you push you don’t go any faster and this thing is going to catch you, but right before he does you wake up. Leaves you wondering what happens if he catch’s you before you wake up. Well to find out go running. Because at the end you will feel like a ton of bricks was thrown at you, and the person throwing them has ridiculous accuracy and hits you in all the right places. This was my thought on running. But against every muscle fiber in my body I started running with my lovely wife (while pushing a stroller I will add). At first she hated running with me. I would say how much I hate this, this is slow and boring compared to cycling, do we really have to run? Us men can be such babies sometimes. But I kept going out with her, I kept running. Slowly (I mean real slow) I began to like the feeling of it. It also made me a stronger cyclist.

They say some people get addicted to the endorphins (chemicals that tap into your brain’s feel-good center) that are released through exercise. I never would have saw myself as someone that would get that way, but I was wrong. I have been finding myself seeking that feeling more and more. Because of that I am focusing more on exercise. I love the thought of it before I do it, I love the feeling during, and the feeling after is such a joy. Strange. But I understand it now. You will never find another activity that will help you with stress like exercise. That alone should get you out there moving.

Now back to my wife starting to run. So we continued to run both of us getting stronger and feeling better. Also the kids were getting older and Will started biking with us as we ran. You can imagine how I felt about that! Complete euphoria seeing my son enjoying something I always enjoyed. And because both of his parents were active, he grew a passion to be active and learn to ride a bike. Evelyn will do the same.

This leads me to the WHY I would want to do this crazy thing called a Triathlon. It’s not just because I enjoy exercising, it’s not just so I can brag about what I can do, it’s not because I am going to get skinny and strong. It’s because of my kids, and people. People need to be inspired, they need to have goals. I see to many people in my life that just ‘have a life’ instead of ‘Living a life’. I’m doing this to inspire my kids that they can do anything they want to do as long as they try and not give up. That’s the reason for this blog. I Want people to see what it’s like in the ups and downs of a challenge. I want them to see themselves accomplishing something to be proud of.

As you can see there is nothing special about me. I am an ordinary guy with a wife, kids, bills, and a career. But I want to make sure as a Christian, a Husband, a Father, a Provider, a Boss, and a Friend that I am living my life to inspire people to accomplish things that seem impossible. Especially my kids. I want them to be able to look at me and say well my Dad did it so can I.

So I am Thriving 2 Tri!

Here’s some pictures of me and my family:

family8Familyfamily5 family4 family3   famil6 famil2 famil1FamilyMy kidsfamil10

  1. Deanna Gullett says:

    Adam , thank you for the thoughtfulness you have shown in your writings . As an enthusiastic , kind , considerate & an influencer of others from your fine character traits to your abilities in helping others , you continue to pleasantly amaze us . Your Dad & I count it a privilege & honor that God allowed us to raise you & your sister , Amanda, & further blessing us with amazing grandchildren !!
    A fine young man of great character & purpose you consistently are. Carrying several titles now , in addition to son , also husband ,business owner , friend & hero to many as you have inspired many to pull out deep within themselves of what they want to become & do it !
    May you be blessed as you continue to motivate others & find their hidden talents so they can fulfil their dreams !!

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